Modes of protest have been changing across the globe. Long-term protests have been replaced by short-term and explosive ones, and organised struggles by spontaneous and issue-based movements. To add to this is the provision of NOTA (None of the Above…

The anti-corruption Anna movement started in 2011, it got fever from a mass of people and also many big organizations participated in the movement, it also had the support of some parties from outside, slowly slowly this movement became wast, Movement, Finally this anti-corruption movement took the Bharatiy Janata Party into power in the Lok Sabha 2014 and This movement also gave birth to a new party. Anti-corruption movement impacted many Elections it also impacted in Bihar Legislative Assembly Elections 2015. in Bihar Legislative Assembly a large number of people opted for Nota. In  Bihar Legislative Assembly due to lack of good option Nota got 5.81 Lakh or 2.5% of total Vote share, have a look —

 Bihar (2015) maximum number of NOTA votes till date

PATNA: None Of The Above (NOTA) option notched up 2.5% of popular votes, which translates into around nine lakh of Bihar’s 6.69 crore voters. This is the maximum number of NOTA votes polled in Bihar till date. Close to 5.81 lakh people had pressed the NOTA button in elections to the 40 parliamentary constituencies here in 2014. Just 23,000 had rooted for NOTA in assembly bypolls the same year for 10 seats.

MadhyPradesh (Oct 2018) BJP Defeated by Nota

This Anti corruption agitation was badly affecting the election and a new agitation come into picture when supreem court was rejected Scst Act and Bhartiya Janta Party re introduced this Act in more dangerous form it gave a new agitation named Sawrn Andolan and this came in figure in the form Nota. have a look-

In Madhya Pradesh, total Nota votes were 5,42,295 or 1.4% of polled votes. Interestingly, the BJP polled more popular votes than the Congress in Madhya Pradesh. October 2018

Telangana  (Dec 2018) victory margin between the winner and runner was less

Nota agitation Became a trend, in the Telangana state elections 2018 NOTA accounted victory margin between the winner and runnerfor 224,000 people or 1.1%  of the votes cast. This might not appear substantial, but the- up was less than the votes NOTA polled in several constituencies. Had those NOTA votes gone to the runner-upNota Car

Lok sabha 2019 Nota Strugle To Maintain its previous Record

It not looks like Nota is fighting With all Parties, its looking like all parties are Fighting With Nota, Nota was fighting  with other Parties To Save its existence in Loksabha when the storm of Pulbama was in full fledged-

About Total Vote in loksabha 2019 6,513,315 1.06 With Downfall of  0.04% percent of the voters in India chose to vote for None Of The Above (NOTA) in the 2019 elections we can say nota nearly to maintained the Previous record of 1.1% against Fighting the Wave of Pulbama

An analysis of the state-wise votes gathered by NOTA in the 2019 polls, saw the state of Bihar top the country with a NOTA vote-share of over 2%, with 8.17 lakh voters using the option in the state. The SC constituency of Gopalganj in Bihar, with a NOTA vote-share of 5.04% polled the highest NOTA vote-share in the country. The states of Andhra Pradesh (1.49%), Chhattisgarh (1.44%) and Gujarat (1.38%) also witnessed high NOTA vote-share, well above the national average.Jharkhand Nota

Again BJP Lost Jharkhand (2019) Asembely Election, Nota

In Jharkhand  Government failed to Controll Bureaucracy, Hunger and Unemployment only Because of it Pathalgadi Agitation was  spreading extreemly and maos are taking benifit of this movement, and government was succeds to smash this agitaion but it was fail to controll Bureaucracy, Hunger and Unemployment it Came Out in the form of Nota. A total of 2,35,045 voters (1.7 per cent of the total polling) chose to press NOTA button in the elections that spanned over five phases for 81 seats.


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